About me

39608459_2402278113123158_4481416825661292544_nMy name is Christopher van der Kieft. I specialize in 3D art and I’m somewhat of a animator/developer. I’m a ambitious visionary that wants to place myself within the video game industry as an employer, educational coach and creator of opportunities. I keep myself particularly busy with the realization of my dream and ambition. Setting up my very own video game/multimedia company that can set itself up as an educational workplace for people of all ages, skill levels, visions, aspirations, etc. Create opportunities for people with or without a degree. I want to change the view of professionality and commercial requirements from within the video game industry. Change it for the better.

                                                                                                      “Never Stop Dreaming”

For more information over my WIP company you can click the link: www.cabinetstudiosinc.com